UAE Mobile Number Database & Bulk SMS Service For SMS Marketing

What is a mobile numbers database?

Generally, data means information. Data is the plural form, while a single piece of information is called a datum. Conventional data is stored in the paper. Today, data is collected and stored in an electronic form for practical reasons. A database is a huge collection of organized electronic data that is stored in the physical storage in the computer or the virtual storage in the cloud. Thus, a mobile numbers database is a huge collection of organized electronic information about mobile numbers. So, it may contain 2-3 pieces of information that related to each mobile number, like the mobile number itself, the owner, the owner’s job, and the owner's address.

How do we collect our database?

We gather our database from multiple resources, like directories, websites, resources that available for the public, and resources that have limited availability. Since they are gathered from multiple resources, we have a huge amount of database whether this is mobile numbers, email addresses, or the information related to that data. We also work hard to maintain our data clean and fit your criteria.

Which industries need this mobile numbers database?

A famous proverb says: information is the key to success. The database is one of that information. Everyone, every company in any industry that is providing service or product will need customers. The future customers are there in the database. The mobile numbers database comes forward as people nowadays are using their mobile phones a lot. Research by dscout found that average people touched (swiped and tapped) their phone 2,617 times a day! So, we can imagine how many chances our messages can be read by them if we send those messages straight to their mobile phone.

Why do you need this mobile number database?

There are many things you can do with this huge mobile numbers database. The most common usage of this type of database is for marketing. If you have a product or service to sell then utilizing the database is one of the best ways to get leads. Not only that, if you are a researcher whether it is a market researcher, educational researcher, social researcher, then having this database is crucial for your research. You can find your respondents that match your criteria easily.

How do you utilize this mobile numbers database?

The easiest way to use this kind of database is by using it to send your message to people. Any messages will do. It can be product-related messages, like a discount, a sale, a new product, or maybe a soft opening of your business. It can be social or religious messages even political messages. It can be anything. Now, the question is what is the best platform to send your messages? Here is a brief of Short Message Service (SMS) marketing.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

We may question whether we still need SMS service in this 5G era. And our answer is YES. We still need it. Here are the reasons why:

  1. SMS is not an application. It is a standard feature in our mobile phone. We do not need to install it nor update it. Also, we often hear about many pros and cons regarding some messaging applications, and then people will uninstall them. This never happens to SMS service.
  2. SMS is reliable. Any type of mobile phone can accept SMS. SMS still can be received even if the mobile phone has no internet connection. So, there is a 98% chance your SMS will be read.
  3. SMS respects people's privacy. Your message will reach them without requires us to see their profile picture or status

UAE Mobile Number Database based on

  • Name ( First Name & Last Name)
  • Location
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Income Group
  • Industry

We regularly updating and maintaining this UAE bulk sms list database according to various categories & share it with our customers for running SMS marketing campaigns.

This UAE Mobile Number database will be a unique asset for the following Industries:

Automobile Industry | Commodity Traders | Gems and Jewellery | Gifts and Crafts | Stock Brokers | Travel Agents & Tour operators | Government Organization | Educational Institutions | Charitable Organizations | Event Managers| Marketing & Advertising | Software Companies | Health Care | Hotel Industry | Builders & Developers | Communities & Associations | FMCG & Retail | Banks | Job Portals | Placement Agencies | Telemarketing Companies | Call Centers

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